From the eighty fourth floor what I didn't know what the time was that. The second plane had hit six floors below us on the seventy eight floor. So we're the six floor's above the impact.
I don't know when I looked down there. I didn't see flames. I just sense that it was the right thing to go and try and test it. We would go as far as we could until we were stopped by flames. When we came to the seventy eight floor, (thus) the last layer was standing, but it was cracked and they were flames licking up of the other side of the wall like this. It was a roaring inferno. I sense that they flames were maybe starved for oxygen right there and in the interior. We can't go in and we got onto the seventy-fourth floor. We got down that far normal conditions the lights were on. Fresh air coming up from below.
(Sent?) temperature inside of the building was not particularly high. As we can see from the presence of this woman who is standing at the precise point where the plane impacted.